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 by Vinnie Ricotta


Every guitar is custom designed and individually unique.  Created specifically to reflect a  personal theme for the owner,  these elaborate instruments often contain symbolic meanings and become an extension of the musician who plays or displays them. This personal connection is where music and art combine.  It is an honor for me to create them and a thrill to see them played on stages throughout the country.

Vinnie Ricotta


MedusaCaster                                   Owned by James (JY) Young STYX
Bo Diddley Tribute
Owned by Charlie Tona
Keith Richards / Stones Tribute 
(Private collection)
Stevie Ray Vaughan Tribute                 (Private collection) Available
Jimi Hendrix Monterey Strat 
Private collection)Available
Owner - Donna Andreeff - Anatara Band
Devil Dogs Custom Strat               Owned by James (JY) Young STYX
Eagle SG (Private collection) 

  Bones Guitar - Available

Keith Richard II Tribute  - Owner - Jason Andreff

Black DragonCaster  Available

Bo Diddley Replica Box Guitar

Owned by James (JY) Young STYX 

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Sword Guitar   Available

VossCaster  Owned by Voss Fernandes -                       Flying Coconuts
Lil' Squealer                                            Owned by Chris Cassone
CerberusCaster Gold pickguard              Owned by James (JY) YoungSTYX

DragonCaster Custom Available

Custom reverse strung electric travel guitar

Custom Box Guitar                                acoustic/ElectricAvailable

Travel Box Guitar Available

 Harley Guitar - Owned by Charlie Tona

108 Rock-Star-Guitar      Owned by Lisa S. Johnson Author/Photographer)