​​CUSTOM CARVED GUITARS                                           

 by Vinnie Ricotta

JY, Charlene, me and Charlie Tona 2017.

Todd Sucherman STYX Drummer

The Godfather of STYX James (JY) Young, Charlene and me

Enjoying some family fun backstage STYX. July 2015

The "Flying Coconuts" 2012.  L to R. Johnny Pikula, Voss Fernandes, myself and  Brian (Smitty) Smith

Vintage -  "COALITION" In November of  2003, I was invited to sit in with the band Coalition.  Standing L to R:  Tommy Hyzy, Joe Cirillo, Sue Mathews, Alan Hastings, Johnny Pikula, Vinnie Ricotta, Denny Roland.   Kneeling: Rick Matthews, Pat Duggan

Jamming with my friends in Canandaigua.    John Pikula, myself, Joe Rizzo and Voss Fernandes   May 2011

One of my other favorite things to do.  Canandaigua Lake - September 2013

Making a little music with my friends: Front row:  L to R Joe Cirillo (Keys/Vocals), Tom Hyzy (Lead guitar/Vocals),  Back row: L to R Ray Soto (Percussion/Vocals), Sue Matthews (Vocalist), Gary Andreeff (Drums), John Pikula (Drums), Vinnie Ricotta (Drums), Rick Mathews (Bassist)  "The Awesome Garage Band"  June 2014

About Me

                    While it is true that I have many interests and a number of hobbies, carving a one of a kind piece of art is high on that list.  It is both relaxing and rewarding to me.  I am thankful to be both fortunate and lucky enough to have some of my work recognized over the years.  Certainly it is an honor to be featured in magazines and books, at trade shows, on CD's, DVD's and TV specials.  And while I am proud of all those things, I remain forever humbled by the incredibly gifted talents of those artists who have influenced me and whom I've learned so much from. I must admit that the ultimate satisfaction for me has always been sharing my work with others.  Teaching or demonstrating the art of woodcarving and experiencing the joy and excitement that one of my pieces brings to others is the most rewarding part.  

I hand carve images in electric guitars, driftwood, bark and make hand painted signs in my Buffalo New York work shop.  A bonus for me is sharing these experiences with my family.  It's a privilege to be in the audience or back stage during a concert performance where one of my guitars are being played.  Seeing and hearing  them brought to life by the musicians who play them is a big part of what makes this such a gratifying art form.