Actor / Musician Steven Seagal tries out the BoCaster

Charlie Tona with BoCaster 2008

Bo Diddley
1928 - 2008

"Bo Diddley would have been proud of you Vinnie.  As you know, I loaned the guitar to Steven Seagal  (seen below), to take on tour for 3 months and he fell in love with it.  It's part of rock-n-roll history now.  The Cuz!"    Charlie Tona

All carvings start with a sketch

Completed with gold Floyd Rose bridge and tremolo, black covered pickups and custom pearl inlay and neck.

Completed carving before clearcoat,

electronics and hardware

Carving the face image


Bo Diddley Tribute Guitar

Owned by Charlie (Tuna) Tona.  Former guitarists for Rock-n-Roll Hall of Famer Bo Diddley.  Blues guitarists of Soul Provider

 by Vinnie Ricotta

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James (JY) Young STYX with BoCaster 2008