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James (JY) Young backstage receiving "Lady Medusa"

"Lady Medusa"  / "Devil Dogs" / "CerberusCaster"

Vinnie delivering JY's Lady Medusa 2011

Owned by rocker James (JY) Young of the legendary rock band STYX- This is JY's 2nd "Ricotta Custom" carved guitar.   Besides Medusa's hair turning into locks of snakes, she also has red glass, split pupil eyes.  The guitar is built to JY's custom specs.  With a fabulous custom made cooked maple neck and some special electronics, JY continues to deliver that wonderfully timeless, legendary and instantly recognizable STYX sound night after night.

Lady Medusa Strat

JY's (3) Ricotta Custom Carved guitars

CUSTOM CARVED GUITARS                                           

 by Vinnie Ricotta