by Vinnie Ricotta

"Mr. Lucky" Custom Carved guitar - This tattoo inspired design is the vision of Danielle Zybach for her husband Steph.  Originally a black stock Gibson/Epiphone, this guitar was the perfect choice for Danielle's vision.  After disassembling the electronics and removing the finish on the face, the image was hand carved in the likeness of one of Steph's tattoos.   It features an intricate recreation of the image seen below, add a few banner spirals and some complementing imagery to complete the design and the guitar has become very personal and symbolic in many ways.  It was finished with airbrushed acrylics, stains and multiple clear coats, a carved headstock and black dice tuners. 2015 

Actual tattoo

Carved imaged in guitar body

It's a "Match"!

Danielle presents husband Steph with new Ricotta Custom Carved guitar Christmas 2015