THE BODY:  Base pricing for carving the body of the guitar vary depending on complexity of the design, but usually start

around $1,200 US Dollars. 

DESIGN: ( Once your "Theme" is selected, I will work with you, your artist and/or I will create a design for you.)  Each

guitar is hand carved one at a time and usually takes 4 to 6 weeks to complete.  (Please let me know your time frame,

as I will try and work with your schedule whenever possible)

If you supply the guitar.............

Additional costs might include:

Removing hardware and disassemble
Removing the existing finish (If we use an existing guitar)
Repairing (as best as possible), any existing damage if necessary
"Finishing"...Airbrushing, staining and light painting

  • Add on items such as Glass Eyes etc.
  • Supply of any hardware items or electronics
  • Assembly of any special electronics, sustainers, controls etc.
  • Reassembly
  • Finishing
  • Carving Headstock and finishing

Average total cost for a guitar in this category is usually around $2,200 - $3,000 US Dollars when completed.

(Before shipping)

If I supply the guitar...........

If you need a guitar for your project, you may purchase one of my stock guitars and I will carve it for you.  Add that cost

to your project. 

You may also purchase a guitar package in the styles offered here.  

You may also purchase any of the guitars on my website that is offered "Available" for  the price listed, just contact me.

*Note: Guitars must be solid wood.  No laminate, plywood or simulated wood-like material such as composites.


50% deposit required to start project  (Money Order please)

50% balance due upon completion (Before shipping)  (Money order please)

Shipping cost added separately to the final "balance" payment.  In the USA standard UPS / FedEx or USPS rates will


The most common transaction is that someone simply purchases one of the guitars I have listed as "Available" and for

sale on my website's "Home" page. 


The second most popular is purchasing a "BODY STYLE PACKAGE"  (see options available above)  and having that

guitar sent to me for carving inspection.  If it is suitable for carving,  then I will carve the images on that supplied guitar.

  I can also offer one of my stock guitars,

(that I know is "carveable") and create your piece from there.  When the initial sketch is completed, I will share it with you

via e-mail.  Once we get it exactly as you like, the process begins.  Progress photos will be shared during the process. 

Design change requests during the carving process are rare, but will be considered and if possible will be made, subject

to an additional cost increase.

Thank you for considering a "Ricotta Custom" Custom Carved Guitar.  Hope to talk to you soon.

Best regards,


Ordering a  "Ricotta Custom"  Custom Carved Guitar



 by Vinnie Ricotta

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